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Providing excellent care for all aspects of women's health and wellbeing.

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We offer excellent care for the many different needs of women. Our GPs have an expansive range of specialisms including those pertinent to women’s health and wellbeing.

If you would like to see a particular GP or would prefer to be seen by a female clinician, please let our friendly reception team know upon booking.

GP Consultations

Meet with one of our GPs for expert care, advice, or examination. Consultations give you the opportunity to seek help for a variety of concerns and treatments. Consultations can include:

  • Contraception advice and fitting:
    Advice on the management of contraception. This includes Implant and IUCD (coil) fittings and removals for an additional fee.
  • Breast care:
    Examination of the breasts and referrals for mammograms where required.
  • Incontinence, prolapse and pelvic floor:
    Many women have problems with their bladder but are not always willing to talk about it. See a specialist GP to discuss your symptoms, for advice, and management including pessary fittings and removals.
  • Pelvic health and discharge issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
Women's health - GP Consultations

Menopause Clinic

Perimenopause and menopause can be very confusing and scary. It can have an immense impact on your life, your work, your relationships, or the way you see yourself. Every woman is different and has her own unique experience of menopause. Some sail through, while others can have severe debilitating symptoms.

If you are having symptoms of menopause, you don’t have to accept it as a part of life. There are many things you can do to feel better and be healthier. Dr Shashi Prasad, our Menopause and Lifestyle Medicine Expert believes in patient-centred holistic care. In her dedicated clinic, you will be seen in a calm and serene environment and have ample time to discuss all of your symptoms and concerns. Together you will be able to create a bespoke treatment plan; options can include:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Testosterone therapy
  • Vaginal oestrogens
  • Advice on Non-HRT alternatives
Womens health - Menopause Clinic

Menopause Clinic prices below

Initial consultation
up to 60 minutes, includes follow up emails within 3 months

Follow up consultation
up to 30 minutes

Repeat prescription request

Smear Tests and HPV

Smear tests, otherwise known as cervical screenings, check the health of the cells of your cervix. They can help prevent as the development of cervical cancer by detecting the presence of abnormal cells.

They can also be used to check for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). HPV is a very common virus that can lead to issues such as genital warts or cervical cancer.

  • HPV vaccine
    This vaccine helps to protect against cancers caused by HPV. It is usually given to girls and boys aged between 12 and 13 but can be given to young adults also. See our vaccinations page for more information.
Womens health - Smear Tests and HPV

New Mum Care

  • Pre-Natal Care
    Are you thinking of conceiving? Make an appointment with on of our GPs to discuss pre-conception care. We can arrange blood tests to look at your hormone levels and provide advice about increasing your chances of conceiving.

    For those already pregnant, we can provide similar advice and investigations. This can include early pregnancy scanning, checking foetal growth and listening to the heartbeat as well as lifestyle and health advice for you.
  • Post-Natal Care
    Pregnancy and birth can lead to changes in your body and wellbeing. Our post-natal assessment allows you time to discuss these changes and seek guidance and support. Consultations include a full assessment including pelvic floor checks and advice.
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Womens health - New Mum Care 2